Rental Park

Here you can find a selection of our rental park. Please inform about the Pickup-by-the-customer or our full-service with attractive rental conditions.

1. Full-Service

You cannot rent only equipment; you can also rent the accordingly service. Fully fledged expert staff sees to it that the equipment will be delivered by time and installed in the right way. By request we naturally provide manpower to care for your event:
- Sound engineer
- Light engineer / operator
- Stage manager
- Disc jockey
- Stagehand
- Rigger
- Moderator / announcer

Please contact us for further price conditions!

2. Pickup by customer

You need professional equipment for hobby- or semi-professional usage and you don't have enough money for our full-service? No problem! We provide the cost efficient solution - you can directly fetch the pre-installed equipment in our warehouse (plug&play). We try to answer all of your questions and give you a detailed instruction in the rental equipment.